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Hi GiL,

I use this node in my Game Event, only for ORK Events, to speed up the pace of my battles...I'm using scale 2, which means double speed.

Does this also affect all my Global Events automatic executions in ORK which are set for certain timeouts?

E.g. Every 300s player gets 1 resource. So I don't want them to exploit the double time scale in battles to faster collect this resource.
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  • Yes, changing the time scale will affect everything.

    You could work around this by e.g. using the Game Time float value type for these checks instead.
    Store the current game time + 300 seconds into a variable when getting 1 resource and check until the current game time is greater than the stored value before adding the next.
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    I will probably switch it into Makinom on auto and then Makinom will execute that ORK event.

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