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Greetings Ork Users, I have an question about the Value Input Dialogue Node.

In my game I've created a system to unlock a door using a random code. I use the Value Input Dialogue node to create the pop up and allow the player to input a code. Everything works correctly.

Here's my question:

Is there a way to store these variables into a log and have it appear when they try to enter the code again? Currently they are stored into a single variable that changes every time they try to input it again.

EX: They enter code 5, which is incorrect, they try again and a GUI appears with their previous code entry attempts so they can see it. (it would show something like: Tested Codes: 5, 10, 13, 54 )

I believe if I setup another Float variable to count their entry attempts and store each attempt into its own log using Text Codes I should be able to make it appear.

Any thoughts ? Has anyone done this in a more clean and simple manner? I do not see a way to Store a variable to a log, am I right?

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  • couldn't get the logs to work.

    I should mention that when the player enters their code it is already being saved to a variable. If that helps.
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  • Hm, you could use ORK's in-game console for this.
    E.g. add a console line for each code entry and show a console HUD during the event (e.g. using variable conditions).
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  • thanks i will test this out!
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