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Hello everybody!

1) I'm implementing an ability that works like this:

start action (targets self);
search for specific game objects in range from self;
if game objects in range > x then do action
else end action

I'd like to display the action range with a prefab (a projector) when the menu option is hightlighted. Is there a way to do this whithin ork? If not, is there a way to access which battle menu option is currently selected via script?

2) I'm currently setting the targeting cursor prefab in Battle System>Battle Settings>Target Settings>Target Selection>Target Cursor. I would like to use a different prefab for some specific actions (or possibly for different action types ie: a large circle for an AoE ability, a line pointing at the user from the target for a shooting ability and so on. Is it possible in ORK? And again, is there a way to access which action is currently used for targeting a combatant via script?

Thank you for your help!
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  • 1) I don't think that's currently possible out of the box. I'll look into adding a prefab option for that.
    Meanwhile, you can check which action is currently selected by checking the battle menu's target highlight shortcut:
    The shortcut is an IShortcut implementation of the highlighted (or selected) action, i.e. either an AbilityShortcut or an ItemShortcut, which give you access to the ID, etc. of the ability/item.

    2) No, there's only the standard target cursor available currently. I'll look into adding this for future updates.
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  • Thank you very much! I was stuck on other stuff so I postponed these details but will be working on them in the next few days. I'll mark the thread as solved
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