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Hi. My ork auto animations is not controlling the mecanim animations of my characters. I need a script to control the states. Does anyone know of a script already made for this that i can plug in my animation names for walk..idle and attack and death? That will work with Ork? As it is now i hide the fact that i have just a walk loop by setting idle to walk..etc. any help extremely appreciated.

here is the horse controller. the rabbit controller looked like this originally, with animations in Ork set up normally.The rabbits just moved along the waypoints with legs not moving.


here is how i changed the rabbit states to try to make it move, and the rabbit just walked because i set everything to repeat walk.


here is the altered Ork rabbit animation, where I had to set all animations to Walk.

https://aestrelon.neocities.org/SCREENSHOTS/rabbitAnim1.png part 1

https://aestrelon.neocities.org/SCREENSHOTS/rabbitAnim2.png part 2


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