Hi everyone,

I've been stuck on how to get animations working with my character controller and ORK for some time now. I've tried legacy animations and Mecanim, but I seem to be stuck somewhere still.

Here's what I'm willing to pay someone for:
- Someone who knows how to implement Mecanim animations through ORK
- Can take my character controller and change it or show me how to change it so it works like Skyrim in first person
- Is willing to spend an hour or two at some point with me via voice chat so I can learn how to do this stuff (at least so I can reverse engineer it)
- Can teach me how to get ORK to recognize parameters for Mecanim states such as whether a weapon is equipped or not

We can discuss payment options in private messages. I hope this isn't a breach of forum rules, I just don't think I can do this bit on my own anymore, and I'd really like to move on to other parts of my project.

Thank you for any considerations!

P.S. I'm not asking for help with creating any animations, that part I can do. It's mostly how to get it all working correctly, in Unity and paired with ORK.

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