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I'm trying to create an ability that affects a few cells in a certain shape by using a grid shape mask. As an example, I have an ability called Ice Wall that I want to make a line perpendicular to the 'front' orientation of the user. The grid shape settings are as follows:

Shape type: Mask
Range (Cells): 2
Add Occupied Cell: checked
Add Blocked Cells: un-checked
Local Space: checked

Use Line of Sight: un-checked

Check Height Differences: un-checked

Then the mask looks a bit like this (x is blank, r is red, y is yellow):


So the mask basically just makes a line centered on the cell you select (y).

In-game, when I select an empty cell, this shape comes out in the default orientation no matter what way my user is facing. When I select an occupied cell, it will adjust the orientation to that of the combatant occupying the cell, not the user. When I un-check Local Space, the mask never rotates.

Reading the Local Space setting, it seems like it should use the ability user's rotation, but it definitely seems like it's just using the target's.

Is there a setting I can change to get the functionality that I want? I hope I'm explaining myself well enough - I just want the mask to always take the user's rotation even while targeting empty cells, and never the target's.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Yeah, that's the current behaviour - local space is always in local space of a cell's combatant.

    I.e. for use range, it'll use the user's orientation, for affect range, it'll use the target's orientation.
    I'll look into adding an option to use the user for affect ranges as well.
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