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EDIT: this is happening in active turn based grid battle

I'm using a conditional prefab for my combatant that has a status requirement of a status effect, but when the conditional prefab is triggered, I lose almost all control of the combatant on his turn. I tried this with a status effect I created, and the poison effect from the tutorial and im getting the same result. I'm also using the default brown pants and blue pants prefabs from the tutorial. The ability I'm using to apply the status effect is self targeting, I tested with this extensively and confirmed that the problem only arises when the combatant's prefab is changed by the condition.

After the combatant's prefab changed, I compared the Battle information (and all the info) in the Combatant Component script on the prefab, and everything appears to be the same as the original prefab, and the same as the other combatants that I still have control of.

When I try to choose battle actions for my combatant once the prefab has changed, I can't target any cells or combatants, can't move, etc. When the status effect is removed, and the prefab changes back, these problems persist - I don't regain the ability to move the combatant or target cells.

While the conditional prefab is applied and the combatant is broken - if I use examine cell, the combatant's hud doesn't appear when I select his cell. It's like the cell forgot it had a combatant in it and the prefab that was changed is not associated with the actual combatant.

This makes me think that I just need to add a step to the battle event or something - let me know if you see where I messed up.

Thank you!

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    I'll look into it - based on your description I'd say this is a potential bug, caused by the combatant being removed from the cell due to destroying the game object.

    Edit: Yep, I can confirm this bug.
    Will be fixed in the next update.
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  • Thank you for the quick response!
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