I don't know how to explain this in the title so apologies if it is misleading. Here is an example of what I want to do:

A list contains five entries, namely A,B,C,D and E. I want to select all the indexes that contains D. What I want is to save the index of D. That is, if it is fourth in the list I will save 4 (or 3 if first index is 0) as an integer.

I'm trying to play with procedural generation using makinom. I can do the above by using counters while going through the list. Just hoping that there is somehow a much simpler way of doing this because my scripts are slowly getting convoluted. Thanks!
  • Currently that's the only way to do this.

    However, you could somewhat automate this by setting up a schematic that uses variables to store the variable keys you're working with (and the value you check for). I.e. your schematic would get the variable keys from other string variables and you can reuse it for checking different list variables.
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