Here is the thing, if two equipments grants the same ability and you unequip one of them, you lose the ability even though you still have the other equiped.

Am i doing something wrong?, thanks in advance.
  • Hm, did a quick test and wasn't happening on my end.
    Can you give me details on your equipment ability setup? Also, is this from 2 different equipments or equipping the same kind on different parts?
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    Its the same equipment on different parts, what is causing the issue.

    I did a test with different equipments and the issue doest happen there.

    Im going to do it in a different way, each equipment will have as a requirement that the combatant doesnt already have the ability that it provides (at that specific level), but found it interesting that abilities as requirements can have a specific level, but equipment do not, just tought i let you know, since it seems inconsistent (doesn't affect me though).
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    Since there are issues with equiping the same equipment on multiple slots, could you add an option for "this equipment can only be equiped once", taking the level of the equipment into consideration. meaning you can only have one lvl 1 "x equipment" equiped but you can have a lvl 1 and a lvl 2 of the same equipment, etc.

    that would make the system much more efficient and less prone to errors.

    since right now, the only option is to do it manually for every equipment at each level, and if you have hundreds its very problematic.

    Edit: As an alternative, if the original issue of this post would be fixed, that would also fix this whole situation for me, since i would be able to go back to the original aproach, thanks in advance!
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  • Sounds like a bug - I only tested with different equipments.
    I'll test this with a same equipment setup and fix this in the next update :)

    Generally, you could use the equipment requirements for equipping something only once, but I'll look into adding ease-of-use settings for this kind of requirement.
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  • Sounds great, if you manage to fix the bug im all set, but if its not posible i would be very happy with those ease-of-use settings.

    thanks again.
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