Besides the plugin integration is there something else need to be done ?

I understand the bascis of using each asset.
Is there a small tutorial to show how to use the both effectively together ? Showing what is the best usage for ORK and what is for Makinom and also on some important tasks how to let only Makinom or ORK do the Job and not have the other one interfere ?
I fear that I wil dive too much into developing before realising what I should and not should do in Ork or Makinom. This is why i asked the experience people about it :)

Looking forward to your answer :)
  • I'd recommend sticking with ORK until you actually need something done that can't be done with ORK alone.

    Makinom could be used to implement advanced game mechanics you can't do with ORK's event system, e.g. mini games or player/camera controls.
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    I am not advanced programmer in C# yet. Still learning.
    Form what I saw the mechanics are easier to construct in Makinom.

    I understand to build the game around ORK more and use Makinom on just advanced systems. Hopefullly I will know when and what and this will not affect the game :)

    LE: "The plugin setup must be done in Makinom and in ORK or just in one ? If in one, wich one ?
    " >> I managed to solve it and understand how it works: must enable both so they communicate back and forth. I also put save makinom to the plugin of ORK and leave the Makinom to ORK unticked :)

    I would like to have the survival shooter from Makinom working with ORK plugin included and start build around that my ideas ( I will still do all the tutorials in ORK to understand it better ).
    >> So, if I have the shooter Makinom imported but I want to wrap it with ORK, is it ok to tick the forward block player and camera only in ORK editor plugin or I must tick them in Makinom too ?
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  • I'd recommend to set up the plugin in both ORK and Makinom, it's just a one time setup and you're good both ways :)

    Since ORK will be your main tool (e.g. menu screens, etc.), I'd forward control blocks from ORK to Makinom, but it doesn't really hurt to also forward them from Makinom to ORK. That way you can block controls from wherever you currently are doing something, e.g. when calling a control blocking menu screen in ORK or blocking controls in a schematic.
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    I got it now, thanks.
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    I am pretty vexed at the moment with Makinom.
    I am trying to make a simple button to show in the 2rogue finished Game and I am unable to do it.
    I played with it in ORK and could do it, but here in Makinom, I do not have any menu - only saving menu wich does not overlay as well. I tried follow this: http://makinom.com/tutorial/2dplatformer/13-huds/
    and make a simple text button and it is impossible to replicate after 1-2h ...

    do I need any skin in menu settings ?
    get it from another tutorial ?
    this is mainly the single thing i did not do it ..

    I do not find a complete explanation of the buttons inside the framework. I only find some how to's and some specific examples. I am over my head on this menu and I am not a newbie in using interfaces and adapting to examples ... please help fast with ideas / resources that are not specific.
    The only thing I can think is that you put all in the Game Manager. But how to apply what I see from other examples if this overwrites everything ? :(

    >>> I THINK I GOT IT but I need to test it first: I was not using the finished project and when playing the scene it worked but I noticed in the menu in runtime that it was loading a food hud from nowhere it seemed ... brb
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    Unfortunatelly in my head it is a complete mess of how this works:
    - the project
    - the loading of projects
    - and most important why when I load a backup or another projects it allways reads the default makinom project and I loose a lot of my settings ...
    I am sure there are explanations for this but it is big big user unfriendly ...

    I appreciate your work but this saving, loading bug it is something very big for an engine ... I am really very undetermined to advance now in any direction and I was so hyped :( ...
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  • I found this: "Check if you’re working on a new project (i.e. not using the Finished Project) in Editor > About in the Project Summary. The Currently Loaded project should be Assets/Makinom/Project.asset, if not, please click on Create New Project and save it at this location."

    I deleted the project grom there and coppied a finished one.
    After loading fame the Project.asset appeared again.

    This means that regardless any project I load, and regardless of the path, Makinom will always revert to this asset.
    What will happen then on updating Makinom and one does not save separately its project or forget to backup or other similar cases ? Makinom will overwrite the project and all is lost.
    I really do not understand why after loading a project named differently the information is not stored in Makinom and all saved. Please explain and offer a correct workflow to work with a saved project and build around it. This is a must using an engine: to make a schematic and then develop different variations around it (at least for me).
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    After I reimported all from scratch and tried just a basic stuff, the problems persist in having a new position for a box / hud.
    I will give you the info to replicate the issue:

    1. i use unity 2017.4.8f1
    2. i copied the rogue folder in my project
    3. on opening unity it says my project was made with an older version (2017.1) and wants to update it - i hit ok
    4. in unity it shows ssome errors regardin objects
    5. i import last makinom and the errors are gone
    6. i change the HUD GUI box location draging it in the GUI editor
    7. i look to the Hood and the food HUD is where the Gui box is
    8. i hit play and the food is still in the bottom

    why ?
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  • First of all, the demo project you can download are complete Unity projects - so don't import them into your project, open them as a project in Unity.
    The demo projects come with 2 sets of assets - one for the fully set up demo, one for you to set up.

    Working with multiple projects isn't really what you'd do in an actual project. When doing it, make sure you're working on the correct project in the Makinom editor and your game starter also references the correct project.

    As for showing a button, you'd set up a schematic with a Choice type Show Dialogue node.
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    I coppied the Shooter Template 2 days ago and opened it a complete project.
    I figured it is not wise working with multiple projects as the project files might overlap.

    This project work out of the box and I played with the Guis and HUDs many hours and understood most of how they work in this mode.
    I figured it out last night that I need to have actions and behaviours in order to have a new button WORKING and not just only SHOWING (wich I managed to do it or with gameobject or with menu GUI).
    I am begining now to learn about the schematics more and hopefuly I can find an example in the tutorials. It would be much more easier to send me a link with this type of refference.
    (Usually in the past I covered all aspects of a game but the GUI and I am working to port what I did in the past in a ORK, Makinom so that it is easier to manage and develop).

    Thank you for your time and sry for the burst.
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    I found the node but I dont understand how to make it click and activate a game object. Also I want the button to be permanently on the screen and can be clickable all the time.
    This is what I want to achieve.

    I managed to connected it to a GUI Box but how do I make it appear and behave :) ?
    I make the GUI Box clickable or in schematic I add an action ?
    Also the GUi Box does not show without a HUD it seems so I think it needs an action in schematics :)
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  • I found this: http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/3450/scene-change-via-button-click
    Having those 2 connected and making the button in ORK would it be better ? If yes how make the button show and clicakble with action ?
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    I succeded in showing a permanent buton with Makinom adding the schematic to the start schematic asset in game start script (though it is strange becasue what if i want more schmatics to start or more buttons ? what will I do then ? yet I didnt find anyother way becasue there is no clear info on this).
    I see the text of the condition and i can click on it but it only closes the button. Not even to pause the game cant do (see schematic here: http://myprintscreen.com/s/vlzx/7f7f828ad0)
    Now wanting to activate another game object pressing that button seems an impossible task :(

    In ORK I tried this:
    - I have an immage button that I dragged on my screen on the layer UI -- it shows ok, where I want it
    - I cannot make it work becasue I do not understand what to do from here: http://orkframework.com/tutorial/howto/using-the-new-ui/
    - I added the script EventInteraction + I added the event asset + I selected UI at start type / interaction type is EVENT
    - I made this testing event: http://myprintscreen.com/s/vm04/38bf4fb809
    result: immage button cannot be pressed ... i also get errors and ORK crashes so I must do a trick to close the tab to be able to enter it again if I press open GUI editor and try close afterwards ... this is not the issue though .. the issue is that with doing what I read I cannot have a buttton UI pressed in ORK
    (this I get from ORK script: http://myprintscreen.com/s/vm0g/7b899b8353)

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  • I made a new canvas and a new button with the default Unity choice.
    I set up like in your example. Check here: http://myprintscreen.com/s/vm19/989962e673
    I have an empty event.
    What do I need to set up for that button to be clicked in ORK?
    The plugin between ORK and Makinom works.
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    after many struggles and frustrations because I dont have a clear idea that functions over ORK or Makinom I went to basics:
    - i created a test scene and i easily created transitions between buttons and canvases enabling and disabling objects and having also separate camera for UI
    - i replicated this fast in my main scene and it works

    Conclusion for whoever will get into trouble creating a button: for new buttons, outside ORK or Makinom just use the Unity default and all is fine.

    The only thing that would be of interest from the events of ORK would be so that besides just the transitions I did, to be able to pause some machines running and pause the actions on current game--- hopeful I will get an answer in time for this one.
    What I figured it out by now is that I should follow this logic:
    1. simple schematic in Makinom to Pause Game
    2. run in ORK event Makinom schematic
    3. on button click have the ORk event run

    I tried it but it doesnt work as intended and I am sure am missing something on how to pause Makinom:

    Please send more informations.
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