Does ORK have any kind of threat system where enemies are more likely to attack/target a combatant that uses a certain ability, like a taunt?
  • That'd be handled by the battle AI, which manages which ability to use on which target. You can also use the Auto Target settings of abilities/items for this.

    E.g. using a status effect on the combatant who taunted and checking for that in the auto targets (or battle AI).
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  • Quick question, how can I do it with Battle AI settings?
    For example, I have a player combatant with applied status effect.
    How can I make enemy target only him?
    I have a node "check combatant", where I can check if status effect is applied.
    But what is the next step? I kind of lost.
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    I need to figure this out too, but I believe that by using check combatants and checking for that status effect will set them as the target if they fit into the parameters.

    To be honest though, I'm not sure how batttleAI chooses targets.

    I think once you have 'checked' for a target and its valid itll be come the target intill the battleAI hits a 'clear' check and resets the target.
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  • Use a Check Status node in your battle AI that checks for that status effect - this will add combatants with that effect applied as found targets. Setting Found Targets to Clear makes sure that any previously found targets will be removed first.

    So, unless you use any other target selecting nodes, any action nodes after that will use the found combatants as targets.
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  • I created a hidden stat called Aggro and set the maximum to 100. All player's aggro starts at 0. Depending on the attack or spell used, I added x amount to the aggro. Within the BattleAI for the monster, I added logic to target the player with the highest aggro.

    I have some BattleAI where I override the aggro logic to allow for certain mobs to go after certain classes. For example, kobolds are very weary of magic users; so, I have them target wizards first if they are in the party.

    I've added warrior taunt ability which simply adds 20 to their aggro. Finally, I clear the aggro with the battle end event so that it starts over at 0 each battle.

    As a side note: I have an endurance system that I put in place. During combat, this decrease causing a combatant to become tired during the fight if not managed by the player (status effect which doesn't allow attacking and penalizes their defenses). A player can choose to rest (it's an ability usable in battle) which restores that endurance and decreases their aggro. I have found it pretty useful when blasting opponents with a high aggro spell from a squishy wizard. I can choose to rest a few rounds to reduce aggro while the warrior taunts and gets the mob's attention.

    That was my solution which works pretty well for me. Hope that gives you another idea.
  • Also, since the start of this thread, there has been a new system added to ORK - the Combatant Battle Statistics feature.

    Check out Battle System > Battle Settings > Combatant Battle Statistics (at the bottom) to set up status values that contribute, e.g. receiving HP damage.
    The battle AI can use these statistics to select targets, e.g. using the combatant who dealt most HP damage to the user.
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