-Is it possible to generate a grid covering an entire map, so that battles can be fought wherever enemies are encountered?

-Can a grid be set to auto-conform to the terrain, maybe by adding it as a component rather than an object?

-Can grids be linked? If two smaller grids are placed side by side on a map, might combatants be able to move between them?
  • 1) Yes, but I'd recommend not getting too big with those maps - the larger the grid, the more demanding it can get for stuff like pathfinding on the grid.

    2) Somewhat, yes. When generating the grid in the Battle Grid component, you have options for that. The individual cells are placed according to raycasts done on your scene, and you can automatically adjust them to the slope of the ground at that point.
    All grid cells are individual objects, though.

    3) No, currently not.

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