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Hey everyone!

I'd like to announce some changes to ORK Framework's update policy.

Up until now purchasing ORK has granted you access to all future updates, even years after purchase. I'd really like to keep it that way, but it's sadly no longer financially feasible for me to do so. About a year ago I've opened a Patreon page in hopes to gain enough additional support - and I'm very grateful for everyone who's pledged so far - but it's not really enough to keep providing free updates forever.

From now on, purchasing ORK Framework will grant you updates for one year. Until Unity allows asset providers to set up subscription services this'll be handled by releasing ORK as a new asset and deprecating the old one.
Everyone who purchased ORK within the last 6 months of the new yearly release will get a free upgrade via the asset store. Everyone else who purchased ORK within a year please contact me at contact@orkframework.com with your asset store invoice number to get future updates (until a full year after purchase).

I've already gone through the whole asset acceptance process with Unity and will publish the new ORK asset in the asset store next week, including the free upgrade options in case you've purchased within 6 months.

I'm really sorry that I have to take this step. I know that this'll hit some of you financially, however I'm also just a small individual asset provider trying to get by :)
Just to be clear - I will not abandon supporting or further developing ORK Framework (or Makinom) in any case. However, I may be forced to get a regular day job again (which would certainly be paid a lot better :D), which would reduce my support responce times and the ability to provide regular updates and bugfixes.

If you're wondering how you can help, I'd ask you to support me on Patreon, keep purchasing your yearly ORK updates or contact me for commissioned feature implementations. Especially paid feature implementations have really helped me in the last years, so please consider sponsoring a feature if you need it for your game :)

Thanks for everything up until now!

Alright, the new asset is available in the Asset Store, although the upgrade path and new version 2.18.0 seem to take some time.

In case you want to update through Patreon, the new $25 pledge tier will grant you access to release versions.

You can find more details about the update policy and how to get further updates here.
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If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
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    I have been with ork ever since ork 1, and boy, the differences of ork 1 to the current is tremendously huge. But that's not the reason why I am still sticking with ork and GIl. Its simply because of only one thing - supports. His supports are beyond amazing. Ask him something and you should expect an answer within 1-2 days.

    For me, playmaker, bolts, and other assets in the store is below Ork, just because of his supports. In my experience using playmaker, if you are stuck trying to do something, most of the time you are own your own.
    With Ork - Oh dang, how do I do this? Ahh no worry, just ask GiL.

    I have always have the exact same thoughts as GiL regarding the yearly payment. As GiL says, a regular job with his experience will pay a ton more, which is why I am even more grateful for him sticking with us 100%.

    Gil, just do what you have to do, in order to still provide us daily dose of supports.
    $100 yearly is no big deal compare to what you are doing now for us and what you will be doing in the future for Ork.

    PS, the only thing I will be sad about is that when you remove ork from the asset store for a new one, the awesome rating will be gone :D
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  • Hello GiL, we wont blame you for that, life is expensive and if you are working alone on this framework i clearly understand you, you have made great work since ORK 1 and your support was awesome, so i guess putting 100$ each years isn't that expensive, good luck for the future :)
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    Totally understandable :) but could you make it so that 10$+ patreon members get this perk too would be cool (regulars and lose the perk if unsubscribe) :)
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  • I do prefer this over Patreon as a form of supporting developer/getting updates. I work from home on outsource jobs, which can vary from hourly paid work to long term fixed milestones. So I avoid monthly subscriptions/monthly fees as much as possible. Fixed yearly fee is something I can better plan for.

    It would be nice to have a yearly roadmap of planned features with this new format. Even if it's rough roadmap. Because that's one of the trickiest parts of working with ORK. Without roadmap you never know if it's smart to invest your time in custom solution for ORK, or it's better to wait a bit, while you work on other stuff, and see if it gets added natively.
  • Sure, but what I'm suggesting is while Patreon keeps existing, to give that perk to higher Tiers so it reaches his 2k$ goal there.

    The way I'm seeing it is that GIL tries to get a more stable monthly payment for his work, while has his extras, and Patreon seems the way to go, and by giving this Perk I bet he ll reach this goal.
  • While it is sad to hear that but it is understandable.

    What about people who don't update ORK? Do they have to stick with what's currently available to specific Unity version to avoid compatibility issues?

    If you going on a yearly subscription route, why not push out incremental updates through Patreon? It does give incentives to existing ORK users to (1) have ORK up-to-date (2) support GiL on financially (3) avoid the huge yearly paywall.
  • Thanks for the feedback so far :)

    AFAIK the ratings should be carried over due to the upgrade path I'll set up.

    Yeah, I've also thought about putting out a roadmap, although that's a bit hard to do as most of the features are based on user feedback/wishes.

    @Raiulyn (@dlevel)
    Well, those who don't update don't get new updates any longer and are stuck with whatever last ORK version they had.
    I'll look into having release versions (and a version backlog) via Patreon. That'd allow those who can't or don't want to pay yearly to at least get a specific update by pledging for a moth - but definitely not at a $10 tier :D
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
  • I was thinking more on 'updates' rather than 'release versions'. Doing that way lets you keep selling ORK full price on the asset store while selling updates for existing ORK who has used up their 1 year of updates. It also saves you from having to deal with the 'whole asset acceptance process with Unity' again.

    If you have release versions on Patreon, buying ORK with 1 year of updates seems less desirable for people with less disposable income.
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    This is completely understandable. Next year I hope to pay from some commisional work so that should help. Look I think you need a successful game to support Ork or makinom which will bring you more exposure/marketing , my game studio is developing an Open World Voxel RPG called SkyHearth with ORK( our twitter, skyhearth ) It's just my brother and myself doing it. We have gathered almost 400 followers and hope to get way more and we are about to release our first alpha/demo. We plan to have a kickstarter next summer and if we are successful we plan to ask for some commisional work from you @gamingislove . So my point is , games that get produced and sold on steam/any market , and uses Ork or Makinom will bring you more financial security. So our success is your success since we rely heavily on Ork and your support. So anyway we can help eachother is beneficial in the long term. What do you think?
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    I agree with @tribbles on this. Some talk with developers that are close to release would be beneficial for both sides, I m seeking for some custom stuff too from ORK and would be a win-win if we get them and put a logo of ORK in the release and a "Made with ORK". (my game is going in early access in a month or so for Steam and Xbox ONE release next year)
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  • I purchased ORK 1+ MSE way back in 2011, and have enjoyed the free updates since then.

    Where do we fall into the migration to the new policy? Are we just staying at the last version (2.17.1 is latest I have) and have to pay upon next upgrade?

    Is that then our new yearly upgrade expiration or is it more akin to each year is separate? E.g. 2019 ORK starts Jan 1, pay upgrade at anytime in 2019 to receive that version plus any updates until Jan 1 2020, where we move to 2020 ORK which requires new fee for everyone.

    For what it's worth, I am totally okay with the move, just wondering how we fit. 7 years of free constant updates is crazy value, and I think it is more than reasonable for you to be compensated for the work.
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    Yeah, I've also thought about putting out a roadmap, although that's a bit hard to do as most of the features are based on user feedback/wishes.
    Sure, but any major plans like your plan to redo the UI system would be nice to have in a road map. If it's kind of vote-able road map that would be even better, more sought after features would stand out. I think Trello allows to easily do that: https://featureupvote.com/articles/roadmapvoting/

    I think this might also help with group commissions, if some people want one of the features faster they can do group commission. And road map would help sort of funnel right people into right features.
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  • I'm super cool with this. ORK is still hands-down the sexiest thing on the asset store, and worth every penny, which is why I support GIL on Patreon, and why you should, too.
  • @Raiulyn
    Well, updates and release versions are the same thing.

    @tribbles @dlevel
    I completely agree - however, I don't know who's close to a release (or some other major milestone) unless you tell me that you are :D
    I'm all for that and - as always - happy to help you in any way I can, you just have to contact me with and let me know whatever help you need. Also, if you've released something, let me know as well :)

    If you haven't purchased within 1 year (i.e. 12 months, not within this year), you'll have to purchase a new license to get future updates. You'll get updates for 1 year from the date you purchased, e.g. purchasing today will grant you access to udpates until 2019-09-12.
    I'll grant some grace periods, e.g. if there'd be a major update coming shortly after your updates expired I'd still be willing to give it to you :)
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
  • @gamingislove I'll definitely keep in touch with you ! We hope to have a have a private demo by the end of september and public tech demo by the end of October fully polished and ready. During this time we may need some help on Ork side if we run into any problems. By next summer, a Kickstarter is planned and we hope to be very successful if we market properly. A portion of the money would go into commisional work to improve ork for everyone. That way everyone benefits from our success. The best thing anyone can do is just share our content on Twitter and YouTube .
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