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    As stated, send me your order/invoice number to contact@orkframework.com and I'll check it out. If you've only purchased recently I'll be happy to refund you, but if you've had ORK for some time I don't see a reason to do so. You still have the product and can use it, this doesn't take your license away. ORK isn't a work in progress, it's been a fully developed product for years and I just keep adding more features to it.
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  • Ahhh, shucks!
    I'm hardly on this forum anymore but I do enjoy checking from time to time if there's an update or for some tips. I had no idea there were talks of doing this to ORK2, I knew you were planning this for ORK3, though. At least that's the idea that I got from you "The Future of ORK" post beginning of the year. So, seeing that the policy changes happen right when there is a new release of ORK is kind of a shock to me. Especially because I'm interested in the new features. So, imo it would've been more fair to have 2.18 as last free update and publish that with the policy update. Because then people have no problem with it and everyone who's not really checking the forum are not surprised by the change. Other than that... I understand that you have to make a living somehow and updates can't be free forever, I totally respect it.
  • @Gamingislove...that doesn't quite fit what your signature implies... "If you're enjoying my products, free updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!" but whatever...I've had it for some time..probably bought it on sale thinking that I might use it in the future with little gamble since the contract clearly said "free updates" . Even your signature reinforces that and I would have NEVER have made the purchase that early if there was any inkling of future paid updates or subscription schemes...Paying a $100 yearly fee to keep what I have active against next weeks Unity API change wasn't ever agreed to...please see the house analogy....please refund my money on the basis of breach of contract in force at time of purchase..
  • @imgumby I understand what you are saying, and it's up to GIL if he refunds you or not, but he didn't breach any contract. GIL and every Dev that releases assets on asset store, are fully comply with Unity Store, even if they release an Asset and decide to stop updating it/deprecate it even some months later and it's up to them if they refund you or not. So dropping law phrases (which are wrong too) won't threaten anyone and it's up to the good will of GIL if he refunds you :)
  • @dlevel Well except for this part specifically...maybe you need to read the thing before commenting..thanks though for responding and sorry for using big words.........an image taken the day I started talking to Unity about this...[IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/a3cm6g.jpg[/IMG]
    Again..please refund me based on my clear argument based on fact
  • I just found a couple bugs in 2.17:
    If you fail a crafting recipe, it gives the wrong notification, it displays the success notification, not the failed one. And if you have a cast time on a base attack in real time battle, the cast bar appears but then it never actually casts and prevents you from using any ability or attack, and breaks the battle system...thus ruining my game idea.

    So I have to pay to get you to fix these now? All I ever asked was that the product I payed for works correctly, I've never asked for major features, that was all on your own GiL. I mean who thinks its fair to pay for something then be left with a buggy version since I am not on the elite donators list. Nice way to cut the slack and leave us hobbyist in the dust since its not like I am making big money off my game, its a hobby, you know like gaming is love, which I guess you should change to gaming is money. Sad sad day when I got the email which was like punch to the stomach. I hope it works out for you but I would rather you stop adding new features and just do bug fixes, get a normal job and do it as a hobby again. Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to let you know how I feel :/
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    I understand your concern, Matzart, but to us folks who are serious about indie developing and using ork as a professional tool to help speed up our projects, him going the hobbyist route can and will be disastrous. No matter how great Ork is, it is only as good as his supports and willingly to improve the asset. I have seen many great assets died all because the developers have treated them as hobbys and just disappeared for months without supports. To us, him being a hobbyist means we might have to wait for weeks or even longer for him to reply back when we might need him to fix something ASAP.

    That's why, for me, I am all for paying only 100 dollars a year. That's super cheap when I compare that to the 600 dollars I paid an artist to make me a character, or the $2k I am saving up for another character. That's why I am one of the people on the other side who hope GiL never take the hobby route. I like it better that he treat this asset as a professional tool more than a hit and run asset. It makes us be reassured that we can trust him not to leave us hanging halfway.
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  • @matzart if you have the license 1 year before and you are not eligible for the new update, it means that you had 1 year of bug fixes for free, it should have covered your found bugs by now. I understand people frustrated with this route but saying it's better he treats ORK as a hobby is just nonsense for the rest of us.
  • no response to the image I posted of the contract ? Is it because it's left you without an argument ? Where is Gil with a "final answer" now that the contract language is exposed ? $99.99 to update what's still full of bugs and $100 a year for fixing more bugs...no thanks..I'd sooner throw the $50 I originally spent out a window than be held up for something I never agreed to when I made the initial purchase.
    I have cars to sell each of you that think I'm somehow wrong...After paying in full please honor my request next month when I send a revised unsigned contract asking for $10K more ....

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    Imgumby, I know you are very unhappy about this. I'm sure you are a smart guy, so you will also know of the hardship of the asset store developers to give supports for free for years. I'm also sure a lot of people in the unity forums have already tried to talk to you in many different threads, but I'm also sure yet again you adamantly don't agree with anyone of them. You have the right to feel that way, yet you also should not expect realistically for a developer with such a large and complicated asset to support anything for free for years on a daily basic, regardless of what you have read.

    The contract does state that, but on the other hand, it was also them who allow GiL and other such big developers, such as AdamGoodrich(developer of gaia, GeNa 2) to set up such upgrade methods, so if you are unhappy, which I can understand but don't agree with, just take it up with Unity themselves. If they agree with you, I'm sure they will refund you or ask GiL to do so. Ranting on here or anywhere else and using ridiculous metaphors won't change a thing. I'm also sure you are a pretty nice guy in real life, so just calm down and wait for Unity to reply back to you :)
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    Actually I have been in contact with Unity about this and the very cordial Maxine has reminded me I have to go through the developer first per the contract so here I am...waiting for a final call by Gil so I can step it up a little if necessary...and you're right..Goodrich started this because he couldn't get people to agree to a subscription so he went the other way..demanding paid updates...Be sure he's on the list and in the current discussions with Unity... Opsive too...they're in the same mode..demanding paid updates and deprecating existing ones or removing functionality from one controller to enhance a new paid version..
    Back to asking (And receiving) confirmation of free updates from vendors before spending a dime...I bought 2 assets recently...both were a little surprised I had to ask the question and both happily sent me an email enforcing that.
  • So ...4 days later....I guess my answer when Maxine asks me my results with ORK developer I just tell her I was ignored ...
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    As Gil already told you, send him your invoice and he'll see if it is applicable for refund :)
    If you have the asset for a long time now, there's no reason to refund, as that would be ridiculous. Imagine someone having it for close to a year or even years and requesting refund at the end. It's not that he's ignoring you, it's just that you didn't follow what he said, or if you did, he checked and you bought the asset for too long. He already told you what you need to do, so I don't see any point in him replying back to your other not so friendly comments. Even Unity draws a line when you already bought the asset for a while and try to request refund.
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  • @imgumby
    As I said 2 weeks ago:
    gamingislove said: As stated, send me your order/invoice number to contact@orkframework.com and I'll check it out.
    Regarding contracts - I have a contract with Unity (which they changed over the years to allow me to do this), not you. You are not my customer, you are Unity's customer and I have no information about you (or any other buyer).

    I also don't like this development of having to charge you for yearly updates, but it sadly seems to be a necessity to get a stable income to allow me to keep this going. While you pay $100, I only get roughly $35-40 per sale (after Unity's cut, income taxes and social insurance), and since I'm not living in the US I also lose additional money to currency conversion.
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