So I had some e-mails back and forth with a new Asset developer EZ Multiplayer ( and explained to him that many people here would KILL for a multiplayer support, his solution seems very practical so I thought that with some work with ORK this can work and he thinks the same.

He said that he works on an Integration with Invector right now and if there is interest from our community he can then pick up ORK, so people interested about it would be clever to reply to this thread so I can show him our interest :).

@GIL is it ok if I give him your e-mail so he can contact you for any help he needs?
  • I am totally for ! And with Event system integrations this would be soooo cool !
  • This would be great! I hope he can integrate it but it will be tons of work!
  • I would be willing to pay for this service no problem!
    If it is fully integrated of course. Something that sends Orks status values and varables over the network would be awesome!
  • I don't really see how this would work without a massive rewrite of ORK's systems.
    While it's easy to e.g. sync status values over the network, it's a whole other story if you want to e.g. sync the battle system :)
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