So I had some e-mails back and forth with a new Asset developer EZ Multiplayer ( and explained to him that many people here would KILL for a multiplayer support, his solution seems very practical so I thought that with some work with ORK this can work and he thinks the same.

He said that he works on an Integration with Invector right now and if there is interest from our community he can then pick up ORK, so people interested about it would be clever to reply to this thread so I can show him our interest :).

@GIL is it ok if I give him your e-mail so he can contact you for any help he needs?
  • I am totally for ! And with Event system integrations this would be soooo cool !
  • This would be great! I hope he can integrate it but it will be tons of work!
  • I would be willing to pay for this service no problem!
    If it is fully integrated of course. Something that sends Orks status values and varables over the network would be awesome!
  • I don't really see how this would work without a massive rewrite of ORK's systems.
    While it's easy to e.g. sync status values over the network, it's a whole other story if you want to e.g. sync the battle system :)
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  • But we need multiplayer for real...
  • Multiplayer is a big need for many and would make ORK go to a whole new level, after I spoke with GIL couple of months ago he had a quote of about 10k euro for a multiplayer support in ORK, so you would guess the work that needs to be done. That would be the best group buy ever IMO, but yeah don't see how we can find this kind of money. I would put 1k euro for a group buy tho.
  • Maby we may like invest in it, i may put like 1-2k, also depends on how long work will take and how we pay: before, overtime, after...
  • Well it's perfectly possible to do it now with some simple scripting.
    I've done it myself on a small scale.
    If you guys are serious, you should start with exactly what sort of functionality you want.

    It would also be vital to decide which you want first:
    -Peer to Peer
    -Host as Server
    -Dedicated Server

    Like I said, it can be done with either uNet or Photon Free.
    Just needs a little elbow grease.
  • Im not made any research at the moment, but if this question is asap needs, i may put my coder to solve this problem, we have some experience in thigs like this.
  • @Klep I would love to see your implementation for simple p2p or Host as Server which must be simpler than Dedicated server.
  • So my initial tests are pretty promising.
    @gamingislove is it alright if I just post download links to the test clients here in the thread?

    I'm going to use the ORK tutorial project and just integrate the functionality with multiplayer support in order of the lessons.
    So the first test will just be people moving their characters around the map.

    For the actual combat, I took inspiration from a game called Atlantica Online.
    It's an MMO that has instanced party-based combat.
    But we'll run tests with the various different combat types including realtime and grid.
  • that would be awesome, I can help testing and even try to help with this @Klep I was able to have moving characters with photon before, I just can't imagine what you need to do to sync skills/items/drops/battle etc.
  • Im in too, i may find as many bugs and troubles as possible in any product ))) I was on the roof of Ironforge in the WorldOfWarcraft and seen there Frosttrolls on white wolfes, thats not in any other place in game also cave with teleport to Tanaris... ))))
  • Download links are ok, as long as there is no full version ORK included in a Unity project or it's a built game client.
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