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    Very interested in seeing this progress
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  • Hello guys, any news about this ?

  • Well if GIL doesn't work on it, it seems impossible I guess :D
  • Nah it's not impossible.
    I just haven't found the time to work on it.

    From my early tests, I've concluded that altering ORK base classes isn't the way to go.
    It's better to allow ORK to initialize the player character and then have a modified UNet Network Manager recognize it as the network player object.

    The real issues come from integrating it into the various battle systems.
    Classic RPG gameplay rarely mixes well with multiplayer.
    Only an MMO called Atlantica Online comes to mind in terms of mixing realtime online multiplayer and turn-based, full player party instanced combat.

    But just getting the necessary data to update across a network isn't really that hard.
  • @Klep well if you could make just real time battles work in small multiplayer environment (2vs2 or 2-4 co-op) for ORK I would pay for it, put it in the asset store and have everyone owns ork buying it :)
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