Is there any way to play a VFX on a critical hit?
For instance, when the player manages to dunk a critical against an enemy unit, I'd love it to play an explosion VFX I got prepared for critical hits.

Would that be possible?
  • Hello in your battle event, you have the step Calculate in this node you have Options like Next/ Critical Next/ Miss Next, just activate the Critical Next Step and create a Spawn Prefab node just after :) , the prefab must have been configured in the Event settings
  • Thank you very much! Works perfectly. I highly appreciate the help :)
  • No problem don't hesitate to ask other questions I try to help as much as I can :)
  • Hey again @Tr1nome hope you don't mind the tag, quick dig up of this very same question - should I connect the prefab after I spawned the critical node to continue the formula, or should I make just make the connection to the prefab and that's it? Right now I got it set up like this:
  • Looks correct in case you just want to spawn the prefab upon a critical hit and the rest should stay the same. Just don't forget to also destroy the spawned prefab at some point or it'll stay there :)
    You can also use destroying a spawned prefab if it wasn't spawned (e.g. due to no critical hit), so you don't have to reproduce everything for normal and critical hits.
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