Is there a built in procedural/random/auto-generated level option in Ork? It's unclear after searching the forum and the website.

I can procedural generate the terrain, but I'm wondering if Ork has a way to spawn enemies and items in procedural places of a level map.
  • Hello if I understand good you want to spawn some enemies when you reach some areas? If this is the case you can place combatant spawner in the scene and use either variable conditions or trigger enter start type sorry if I didn't understand
  • I need the enemies to be randomly placed on the map, and have random stats and abilities.

    This is for a grid battle based rpg.
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    treat the enemy spawners prefabs as any other random spawn prefab in your game and use the method @Tr1nome mentioned for the spawning, random stats/abilities can be setup in ORK yeah.
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  • Thank you guys, I appreciate the replies.
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