Looking for the simplest route to achieving some things.

-How do I create a separate rendering of my combatant's mesh for display when pulling up the Inventory screen? It seems like a secondary camera and a canvas set to display only when an item menu is open shouldn't really work. Would I need to generate a copy of my character in a separate space off-screen every time the menu opens or changes?

-Is there a simple way to position the equipment slots for a character in places corresponding to the equipment viewer slots on their mesh than creating a separate single-item menu part and GUI box for each flipping one (the right hand slot over the right hand, torso armor over torso etc.)? In other words, a list, but a list where I can manually determine the spot of each box for every available piece of equipment.

-Sorry for that brief allusion to strong language back there. Guess I lost my composure.

-What's the setup to create an inventory with a set number of item slots in rows and columns where things can be dragged and placed freely, possibly leaving empty spots between? My thought at present is to create a bunch of new equipment slots, one for each item box, and just have my whole inventory UI be an equipment screen? Would that even work?

-If I decide to have a separate inventory and equipment menu called at the same time for a single UI, with a complete list of all carried items at the bottom in the inventory section and only those items which are currently equipped shown above (ie, no separate part of the equipment menu to show equippable items) are these two separate menus interfaceable?
  • 1) There's the Prefab View feature for this. You can set up the base settings in Menus > Menu Settings in the Prefab View Settings (at the bottom of the menu settings). Prefab view uses render textures and a camera prefab and handles all that prefab spawning for you.
    This feature uses portraits for displaying the mesh in UI, i.e. you'd set up a portrait for your combatant that uses the prefab view and use that portrait (type) in whatever UI you want.

    2) GUI boxes can define positions for choices by changing the Choice Mode to Position.

    3) ORK doesn't contain a grid inventory. You can set up GUI boxes to display choices in multiple columns/rows to simulate a grid, but this doesn't mean that you can actually move them between slots.

    4) Yes, but only via drag+drop, i.e. you can't equip something to the selected equipment part from the inventory menu part by using the accept key. You can disable showing the equipment list in equipment menu parts by disabling Show Equip Box in the Equipment Box Settings.
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  • -Can the UI hide empty equipment slots? I have many, many equipment slots intended to overly in a hierarchy. I'd like to be able to drag anything that equips on the torso, for instance--shirt, gambeson, mail, cuirass--into their respective slots in the same position and be able to select only the top item to drag in order to unequip it, but ignore any empty slots overtop. So if I'm wearing a shirt, I'd click on the shirt and drag it off to unequip. If I'm wearing a shirt and gambeson, then I'd need to first drag off the gambeson before I could access the shirt.

    -Is it further possible to limit the ability to unequip an item unless certain conditions are met? It would be ideal if I could prevent removing a shirt without first removing the armor worn in other slots that relate to that shirt, but which don't necessarily occupy the same location in the UI. Items like pauldrons and bracers, for instance, should conceivably make it rather difficult to remove a shirt without first being removed, and it would be nice to be able express this in-game. You know, just to %$*@ with the player.

    -How do I/is it possible to run an event upon equipping an item? I need, for starters, when an item is equipped in one hand to first check its type and properties, and then to see whether anything is equipped in the other hand in order to determine if it's to be wielded in one or both hands. I think I can also do this with a battle AI, but that will only trigger at the start of a battle. I also need to be able to set up slots for where a weapon unequips--a sword could be carried as part of a scabbard rig or by a baldric, or over the back; a knife could be carried in a fair number of places so long as they're not occupied--the only way I can think of to set both active and inactive slots for each weapon is through an event.
  • 5) No, empty slots are there to be equipped, so they're not hidden.

    6) No, while you can define requirements for equipping something, you can't do that for unequipping. You could use the equip requirements to automatically unequip the other stuff when the shirt is unequipped.

    7) Generally, the equipment itself already has settings for equipment part occupation, e.g. blocking another part, being equipped on multiple parts at the same time or allowing it to be equipped in different parts. You can also add/remove equipment parts through equipment (or the event system) - e.g. equipping a scabbard could add another equipment part for the sword to put in.
    You can also use game events upon equipping and unequipping a weapon/armor. They can be defined per equipment level and can be found directly in the Level Settings of the equipment :)
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  • "You can also use game events upon equipping and unequipping a weapon/armor. They can be defined per equipment level and can be found directly in the Level Settings of the equipment :)"

    Perfect, thanks! I'd always overlooked that section and kept it close since I'm not using a leveling system for my equipment. And there's an unequip event too! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  • -Is there a simple method to transfer, or just remove equipment from a select equipment slot using an event? The 'Change Equipment' node only seems to give the selected equipment to a slot. There's a box that will remove all equipment, but that's not really helpful. Currently I'm having to block an equipment slot, change the selected equipment to the preferred slot, unblock the equipment slot and then remove the selected equipment from inventory, because it unequips/duplicates when the slot is blocked.

    -Not sure what I tweaked, but my inventory menu no longer lets me drag equipment onto an equipment slot. I can still drag equipment onto my inventory to remove it, and I can drag equipped items from one slot to another, but once it's in my inventory there's no way to put it back on.
  • 8) Use the None equip option to unequip something from an equipment part in the Change Equipment node.

    9) Can you drag stuff from the inventory and it's not accepting the drop, or is the drag not working? If drag is not working, check out the inventory menu part's drag and drop settings.
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