I have one problem with "wait" nodes in node editor.
I have a "damage" battle event, which plays when a projectile hits an enemy. This event has wait nodes, which are needed for damage animation to play correctly.
The problem is, these wait nodes are affecting player as well, e.g. when enemy receives damage, player movement also freezes for some time. Can I fix this somehow for "wait" nodes to affect only the enemy?

It is the player who uses the ability and this ability calls damage event, so maybe that is why player is affected? Maybe I should call damage event some other way?

  • I used to have problems like this before, I solved them by unchecking block player controls at the event settings, then your player controls won't be blocked at all which can be a problem but easily solvable just place a node to block player controls in the event when needed and re-enable it after :) tell me if you need more precision
  • It's most likely due to your Control Block Settings in whatever battle system you're using (e.g. Battle System > Turn Based Battles). E.g. if you block the player controls during the player's actions, the controls are blocked for the full duration (i.e. until all events finished) of the player's action.

    You can either not block controls at all, or manually unblock them via a Block Player Control node in your event when you want to return control to the player.
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  • Yes, Block Player Control node did the trick.
    Thanks for the help.
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