Is there a way for me to use use an item in a combatant's inventory from script?

Similar question for a skill in a skill list.

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    Ok, so I looked into the API, and got
    this.combatant.Inventory.GetContent(false, true, false, false,1,true)[1].Use(this.combatant,player,true)
    typeID is if I only want to get a certain type of item from the inventory. I used "-1" to get all.

    Still looking into the skill part.

    Not sure what "checkParent" is for though.
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  • Getting an item from inventory:
    ItemShortcut item = combatant.Inventory.GetItem(id);
    id is the ID/index of the item (in the editor).

    Getting an ability:
    AbilityShortcut ability = combatant.Abilities.Get(id);
    id is the ID/index of the ability (in the editor).

    Both return their respective instances of an IShortcut interface, which provides the Use function to use the item/ability, e.g.:
    ability.Use(user, targets, useAction);
    user is a Combatant that will use it.
    targets is a List of the targets to use it on.
    useAction is a bool, which determines if it'll use an actual animated action (true) or just do the calculations (false).
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