Maby somebody know, is it possible to make size of creature compare to its level.
Higher level bigger creature. Maby there is already some checkboxes inside?
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    haven't tried that but here you go:

    you can create a game event and add a status fork to check combatants level and add a change scale node with the desired scale according to the level. Then add this game event on the combatant spawn game event.

    edit: yeah checked it and it works, make sure that you have actor type of the event as: Starting Object
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  • Ok, ill try it. Thanx a lot!
  • Lol, not possible with my knowledge at the moment ))
  • What are you stuck at on this? It's pretty easy to do :)
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    https://we.tl/t-NheSuC5a0p here you go, put this game event in Combatant -> Spawn Game Event. it also randomly changes color of the combatant. use this to see how it works, it will be useful to understand how event system works in general
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  • Whoa! Thanx a lot!

    Damn... Its deleted, may you please resend it.

    Thanx in advance for such a huge attention to my troubles! )
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