I built this project:


It took me 10 months. I have the entire game world built, along with character controllers. However, no gameplay elements such as quests have been added. I want to try ORK, because to script everything required for an open world would take me years.

Before I try ORK, I need to know:

Can I use it, with all of the work I have already done, or do I need to re-build everything, to work with ORK?

  • Follow-up post:

    I understand you have a tutorial about "How to add ORK to your game" here:


    Unfortunately, that's a tutorial on how to bring ORK into a menu screen- not a game proper.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you have.

  • ORK doesn't mess with your world creation, and custom character controllers can be integrated with ORK, so I think it's very easy to integrate it and I would start with the game tutorials to learn how it works.
  • @eblumrich Hey, I've seen your updates on Reddit and saw you ask this on the Adventure Creator forum also. The cat game looks great!

    As far as environment design and characters, ORK would not affect your world as it stands it right now and would integrate fine I think. I've been able to basically drop it on top of practically any sort of environment and then simply attach its scripts to prefabs, areas, etc. I've added a ton of assets from character controllers to audio managers to weather controllers to my ORK game and had no sorts of conflicts either.

    Are you looking for a full fledged cat RPG or more of an adventure game?
  • Thanks for the answers.

    As FFS above points out, I've been shopping around - and it looks like ORK is the framework I have been looking for. I was most concerned about whether all the work I have done to date would have to be ditched, before I could implement the new stuff.

    The game will be an adventure game. There will be the standard red/blue bars, a small inventory system, but it's a story-driven game. No combat at all.
  • I'd recommend going through the game tutorials, which you can also do with the free test version.
    It pretty much does the same thing - adds ORK to a project with existing scenes and assets to just add the RPG mechanics :)
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