So, I think most people can understand the need for some form of continuing revenue stream in order to provide service for a product like this. Otherwise, it turns into a whole lot of work for inadequate returns and could lead to support being dropped altogether. That's actually why I began donating to ORK's Patreon account a couple of months ago, and even though I purchased my license back in January, I figure I've gotten about a years worth out of it so I don't really mind having to purchase a new one to acquire the 2018.1 update (fantastic update by the way). That said, on behalf of anyone who might have purchased their license only a month or two prior to this last update, that hard cutoff seems terribly unfair. Shouldn't you at least extend to those people a credit of some sort that would allow them to receive updates for a year minus the time they've had their license?
  • this is the case, if you purchased ork 2 months ago, you have 10 months of updates remaining, you just have to e-mail GIL.
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    As @dlevel said, that's already the case - see the update policy changes for this.
    Also, please discuss this in the official thread for the update policy changes :)
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