It seems to me like the multi turns turn order hud is not very indicative of the actual turn order (i know this is mentioned in the tutorial), since if two or more combatants have the same turn order value, their positions in turn order hud will randomly change each turn, am i missing something here?, is there a way to have combatants keep their positions even though they share the same turn order value with other combatants?

Should i change my battles to an active battle system?, i saw that there is now a time bar hud, is this an indication that the active battles are better supported in ork?

I would love to use active battles, but though ill ask first.

Thanks in advance
  • Well, the multi-turn turn order is changed after each combatant's turn, as this mode increases each combatant's turn value (used to determine the turn order) at that time. If two combatants have the same turn value, they can be sorted one way or the other ...

    Each battle system is supported in the same way, so it's up to you which system you want to use in your game :)
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    Alright, i don't think its usable in its current state.

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