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I've been working on this project for about 3 years as a solo developer while learning how to make games at the same time.


Levels are procedurally generated, so every time you play it’s a new experience.

There are 20 different Mods for you to find in the Prototype.


This is my first time showcasing the game and i would really apreciate your opinion.

The prototype it's about 20 minutes long.
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  • The download link is not working. It just refreshed the page.
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    From a fellow developer's point of view, I really like it!
    From a gamer's point of view, there's nothing bad to talk about it. I really like the huds, inventory, etc. The battles are also smoothly done. If there's one thing to mention, the idle to run movement is too slow. A rapid response would be a lot better, in my opinion only. Also, the sound that pops out after a dialogue is a little too strong hahh. The nature of an rpg is having a lot of dialogues going on. Imagine having to read a lot of dialogues and everytime one ends, *DING DING*. Maybe a softer sound would help here. Also my opinion :) With the help of a story, you got yourself a piece of gem here! Looking forward to your next update.
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  • @Shadow_Fire That's really good to read!
    Those are good points, i will be adding them to my notes for the next updates.
    Thank you for trying the game!
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