Hey so im kinda new to ORK and could use some help or suggestions. The game im making is in top down 3d, but i would like the battle scenes to be in 2d. So when a battle starts id like the 3d party members models to be replaced by 2d sprites as the battle will be in 2d against 2d enemies. Is this something that can be done fairly easy with ORKs event system? Or will it require something more? Can anyone tell me how i could accomplish this if it is possible with events? Id like everything else to stay the same with the Party Members, just the actual Art to change from models to Sprites. Thanks for your time, guys.

  • This sounds like a job for the Conditional Prefabs of your combatant :)
    You can use them to automatically switch the prefab of a combatant based on differnet conditions. For this, I'd recommend using a global game variable to switch between 3D and 2D prefabs, e.g. a bool variable with the variable key 2D, setting it to true in the battle start event and false in the battle end event.
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  • Ill check into that. Thanks for the tip, man.
  • So i think ive got this working the way i wanted using the Conditional Prefab. I didnt know that was even a thing, it makes it much easier than i was expecting. Thanks for the help.
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