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Let's say that hypothetically I had a custom button style and wanted the player to cast attacks by clicking on an icon (or a bar of icons, say), rather than navigating through a text menu. Let's further hypothetically say that I wanted my player's inventory to be a collected grid of icons, rather than a list of text names.

Has anyone implemented a good custom UI? Or is there an example of this somewhere?

Also, and separately, the new Unity camera rig system is almost too good to believe. Is there support for this in ORK?

And, if, hypothetically, I wanted my characters to board a pirate ship, and then switch the thing the player is controlling from the player character to the player's pirate galleon, would that just be a "mount vehicle" action? -OR- Should my sea battles use a grid system exactly like my melee battles? Hmm...

And every AI in the history of the world fires straight forward, but I need my AI controlled ships to get into range and then turn sideways to fire a broadside... If you have any suggestions on how to do this in ORK, I'm all ears! I never did dig too much into the AI, but I'm going to have to at some point.

I've been away for a good bit (of all things, I had to have a hip replacement in my early 40s... it's a long story), but I'm ramping back up, and fully expect to be back in here asking questions on the regular.

And I've recently purchased my new license, AND I'm a Patreon supporter, and you should be, too!

And... do we have a Discord for ORK devs?
  • You can either set up the battle menu to look that way, or just don't use a battle menu (can be disabled in the battle system's settings) and use a shortcut bar (Combatant type HUD with Shortcut HUD elements) for this.

    You can hook up custom camera controls usually pretty easy. If that's not enough, a simple component to communicate between ORK and the camera control should be enough to get it going :)

    Switching controls to the ship should be possible using the event system. Beside mounting the player to the ship, you can also remove the player's control scripts and add controls to the ship to steer it directly. There are various event nodes for this and registering control components with ORK.

    Turning sideways for broadsides is probably best done in battle events animating your actions. The battle AI itself is only used to select an action, but you might want to look into move AIs and using Stop Angle settings to e.g. move to the side of a target.
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    Lol... I know an answer on all this questions and i need answers like this to my questions ))) i should support patreon for this? ))))

    BTW, im making UI now and looks like that typical Unity UI maker is not so bad, what is the best way to use it instead of built in system or in synergy with it?
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