I want to make a game using an Active Time Battle system.

To give the players some extra feedback on which character is being controlled, I move the character forward as a standard start turn event. The problem is that as soon as another time-bar fills, that character also moves forward, when I'm not done selecting an action for the first one. This means if I wait long enough all characters will be standing forward a bit, defeating the purpose. I only want the character for who I have a battle menu open to move forward a little. Is this possible?

Basically the Turn start should happen when the battle menu opens and not when the Time-bar is full.
  • No, that's not possible.
    You could set the ATB system to pause while a battle menu is displayed by enabling Pause On Menu.
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  • That's a pity, but not a huge problem I guess.

    Pause On Menu would kind of work, but it pretty significantly changes the way the game is played, as it removes the urgency of making a choice.

    Thanks for the reply! :D
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