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Last video : https://youtube.com/watch?v=YRlrNJfWGyM&t=9s

My english is bad sorry :(

"You must surely ask what Avantis is. (or not ^^)
Well Avantis is nothing more than a futuristic vision of our world in around 1600 ... One of the many possibilities that our future holds for us.

Avantis is on the border between the real world and heroic fantasy.

I made a point of honor to justify the whole mechanism of this world by processes more or less physical and possible, however I wanted to give it a touch of mysticism and fantasy.

Thus, you will not find magic strictly speaking, but we find the notions of chakra, spiritual energy, but also the use of soft medicine or the awakening of new senses ...

You can learn more about the universe by browsing the encyclopedia of Avantis, hoping that you will like to escape in this universe that I develop since 2002.

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  • image Project

    With ORK Framework I already realized the first version of the game in 2015


    Now in this new version I use ORK Framework, Makinom and TPC (pending Ultimate character controler integration)

    The graphic style will be quite close to Zelda (Breath of the wild) or Rime. I tried to make my own graphic style by adding an oil painting / watercolor effect.
    It took me a long time to find the graphic style associating production flow and more or less realistic. Here is the result, the first images of the prototype







  • Looks very nice. I can't even make my character walking on the ground :(
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