So I assume I am doing something wrong here..

Basically I cant get the camera to work properly when using a separate battle scene. I am having 2 separate (but possibly related?) issues currently.

1) When starting the battle, my new scene loads, my combatants spawn, and i have a node that is supposed to move the camera to a specific Camera Position (saved in ORK editor). The camera is not being moved during this event execution.

2) When the battle is complete and I return to the main field scene the player character stays in 'battle mode' and is still using the battle idle animation. I can move the character around but it doesnt animate as it is stuck in this battle animation.

I have tried a number of different things.

1) I tried using 1 application wide main camera and setting it to dont destroy on load
- this didnt work as expected as there was a new camera spawned when the battle is over and the field scene is reloaded.
- This mode did perform the correct camera movements, however.

2) I tried using a camera in each scene with no flag to avoid destroying on load. This is where the camera fails to observe any of my camera controls.

3) I tried using a camera only int he field scene. Something seems to spawn a camera in my newly loaded battle scene, but it suffers from the same behaviour as trial 2.

In all cases, when leaving the battle the character stays stuck in the battle animation.

Obviously I have messed something up here but I cant seem to figure it out.
  • Ok the first issue is solved, turns out the camera was colliding with the terrain. I removed the collision camera from it and it is now working.

    Issue 2 is still happening though, where after the main area scene is reloaded after the battle, the character is stuck int heir battle idle animation, and does not animate when running around.
  • Small addition to #1 - make sure to block camera controls when using the battle camera or any camera change nodes, as the control would mess with the scripted camera changes :)

    As for #2, can you give me some details on your animation setup? E.g. are you using legacy or Mecanim animations?
    Also, have you tried stopping the battle idle animation, e.g. in the battle end event?
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  • Thanks for the reply. I have blocked camera controls and that part seems to be working ok, the root cause was the collision camera ont he battle cam when it got too close tot he ground.

    Now I am facing the battle idle issue. Which now has started happening int he battle. None of my other animations will play, though they were working yesterday. This suggests I have broken something.

    This particular character uses legacy animation and everything was working fine till I started trying to fine tune the attack animation. At a certain point is stopped animating the attack part, then it stopped animating the jump as it moves towards the target.

    Everything is basically as per the tutorial, just trying to make some customization and play around, but getting stuck.
  • Hm, check your animation setup (both in and outside of ORK), especially the layer settings in ORK. E.g. if you play a looping animation (without stopping it) on a high layer than all the other animations it'll basically prevent the lower-layered animations from playing.
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  • Forgot to reply here, this totally worked. Full disclosure I didnt figure out what I had broken, but recreating all my animation sets worked.
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