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there is no enemy in the wild, you can also press the attack button to play the attack animation?


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    Game Controls :

    -You need to set up an Input Key that will be your attack button.

    -Set the Input key to be "attack" and the button you want.

    -You need to set up a control map that uses "attack" input key.

    -Control map needs to set to Action -> Attack

    Status - Abilities :

    -Create your attack ability

    -Usable in - Field

    -Target - Enemy - None

    -You need to create a battle event that plays an animation

    -Make sure your sword prop has a Damage Dealer set to it.

    Combatants :

    -On your main character give them that control map.

    -Set their Attacks & Abilities : Base attack - The ability you made

    -Make sure your main character has this attack ability

    Misc -

    -Make sure your prefab has the animation

    this sets up a button you can press that makes the player call an ability that doesnt require a target. This ability calls an event that you set up to play an animation (You'll probably want to do more than just make it play an animation. But the polish stuff is based on what kind of game you're making, my action game has a ton going on with the base attack ability). The damage dealer will follow the bone of your character and hit any damage zones.

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    Have the attack ability be usable in Both field and battle and in Target Settings have Target Range to None
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  • First of all thanks: Wrofir and dlevel, I can now attack in the wild.
    But I want to use basic attacks in both rounds and in the wild. I have added two basic attacks to the players. One plays the battle animation in the wild, there is no target. One plays the battle animation during the round battle, the enemy is single. But in There are two basic attack menus in the round battle. How do I get one of them to run separately?

  • Maybe make the one you use in the wild an ability, and not a base attack?

    You have both turn based and real time combat?
  • Hm, I'd say it depends on what the attack does in the field, outside of battle. E.g. if it's for interacting with stuff, you could do that via a global event playing the attack animation and doing the interaction.

    Otherwise, using an ability for the field attack would be the best solution. You can set abilities to be hidden, so the player will not event know it's there.
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