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I want to design a FF-like summoning beast system that summons the beast to use equipment, skill upgrades, etc. in the non-combat scene.
1. When entering the turn battle scene, do not display the summoned beast, when using the skill: call the battle before joining the battle. After the battle is over, do not remove from the battle group, you can continue to change equipment for him. The problem now is, When you enter the round battle, all the members of the battle group are automatically born. How can you control the members of the battle group who want to be born?
2. After entering the real-time battle, I want to summon a summoned beast so that he will disappear automatically after 10 minutes, but it will not be deleted from the team. What should I do?
3. After the player dies in the battle, the death animation is played, but once the scene is switched, the player is displayed in the scene again, not in the state of death, but in the state of idle animation.
4. After setting the passive skill, you can't use it: the battle animation event, I hope that in the passive skill and state effect, you can call the event and create more effect status!!!

My summoned beast is set as follows:
1. Set the group member to 1 person, the birth battle group. When Xiaolan joins the team, the battle group size is set to 2

2. When using the summoning ability, if the small blue is added, set the combat group size to 3, and the small blue is not added, then set the battle group size to 2. After the summoned beast joins the battle, look at the enemy direction, and Join Active Group .

3. Create a new summoning ability and add it to players and players.

Here are the issues that arise:


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  • 1) If the summoned combatants should be removed at the end of the battle, you need to do this in the battle end event, e.g. resetting the max battle group size to 1. Or, if they should stay, but be removed before the next battle to select new combatants to summon, you can do that in the battle start event.
    Also, check out the temporary combatant nodes - this allows you to mark combatants as temporary and remove them easily.

    2) Did you already set up a mechanic for removing after 10 minutes? If not, I'd recommend using a status effect for this. Effects can use an End Action, which can take care of removing the combatant from the group. Make sure the combatant knows the action (e.g. an ability).

    3) Use a Death Animation node in the battle end event after loading the new scene. This plays the death animation on dead combatants.

    4) Well, a passive skill is passive and can't be used ...
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  • Hello, I started the battle event, set up the birth of the combatants according to the index, but it does not work. Delete the birth warrior and the placement, or automatically all the players!

  • Hm, I don't know what other nodes you have in that event, but the image doesn't show the Spawn Group Members node connected to anything ... also, use the Spawn Combatants node to spawn the combatants that participate in the battle.
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