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Feeling disheartened as I was hoping to power through enemies pretty quickly but I guess I still dont understand enough about the program yet. My mech enemy isn't working at all. Nothing, animations, abilities.

The mech has 2 parts. The legs/body which are animated, and the top which I want to rotate to face the player whenever its in combat.

Visual :

1. I cant get the animations to work.
I made an animation set with the walk animation.
I set it to legacy.
Auto animation is on, it has that set selected.
Animation component has the animation in it.
As you can see in the above video, the animation itself works.
Is there any reason why he just glides around once i set up automove? It's using a navmesh move AI.

2. I cant get the top to rotate independent of the bottom.
Right now its childed to the base of the skeleton of the legs.
I tried "Rotate to target" On child, but it spazzes out and rotates in random directions.
even "Change rotation" doest work. even if I set it to the local XYZ (so it wouldnt rotate at all) it still spazzes out.
My work around was to have fixed rotations triggered by abilities, but that totally defeats the purpose, as I want it to be essentially a turret attached to a pair of legs.

I have an idea of making them 2 different enemies and mounting one on top of the other...?

3. The machine gun ability is used at totally random moments.
I have it set with a minimum range and a maximum range, with a 0.2 second delay...
I feel like it should be spamming the ability in between those 2 ranges, but it only uses 1 once at a very close range.
Totally unsure why or whats going on here.

4. Weird movement issues
The move AI always moves to the exact spot of my player, and even pushes my player on top of it.
With a character controller it doesnt even have collision. I added a box collider and my player just walks on top of it... its very weird. The test enemies dont have this problem.
I added a box radius to the mech and a stopping distance but it still always move to the exact middle of where the player is.
It has a rigid body and using navmesh move AI.

Frustrated that I cant figure this out on my own. :(
Think ill leave the mech alone for a bit and move on if I cant get him working by next week.

Thanks for all the help so far!
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  • 1) Try enabling Use Position Change in the combatant's movement settings. The combatant is probably moved in a way that isn't reporting the actual speed the game object moves with, so auto movement animations don't kick in.

    2) Working fine on my end using a Rotate To node, at least with a quick and simple test setup (cube mounted on another cube). Make sure you're using the correct child object, otherwise I'd need details on the game object's setup.

    3) There's a lot that can influence that - e.g. the combatant not being able to use it due to use costs/requirements, the battle AI using other actions, AI timeouts, etc.

    4) Make use of the Box Radius settings of your combatants and try using the Stop Range in your move AI's hunting settings (which shouldn't ignore the combatant radius).
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  • Okay. Let me break it down today and do 1 thing at a time. Maybe I'm rushing it and missing obvious mistakes.

    2. Could it have anything to do with being childed to a bone instead of an object?
  • sure enough, childing it to the armature totally messed with its rotation, however, adding it as a child of an empty fixed that issue.

    Everythings working now :D
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    Okay, one more important issue.

    The mech wont make any actions whenever the damage event is playing. So the player can just stunlock it to death. Anyway to have it continue to attack even if it's taking damage?

    I am dumb. lol
    Status effect from the player, just made the mech auto-remove it.
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    Quickly reviving this for a minor issue. So I used a game event to rotate my mechs upper body to face the player within x distance and to rotate passively otherwise. The problem is that I really want it to rotate to Target, which I don't see in the game events. Is there another way to handle that? The player won't be the only enemy it faces and ATM with distance it doesn't check to see if the player is a valid target so it creepily stares at you even if you're hidden, on the flip side I like it passively looking around, so I basically needs it's behavior to switch on combat
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  • Game events don't have that because they don't have a target - that's only in battle events :)

    You can use a Rotate To node to rate to another game object (or position).
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