Hi guys!

So I've been trying to do an ATB battle system whereby the abilities will have their own cast time, but there's a few problems I face.

1. The cast time doesn't pause on battle menu which is somehow unpleasant
2. Is there a way I can change the cast time on battle? For example, using some status effect to hasten the cast time or slow down the cast time etc.

Thanks for any help!
  • 1) Yeah, that could be unpleasant ... I'll add options to also pause cast times when pausing the battle.

    2) By using formulas for your cast times you can have the cast time influenced by things like status values or status effects, but this only influences the cast time when starting to cast.
    I.e. a casting action's cast time can't be changed.
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  • It would be nice if the cast time can be influenced during action, same like how action time bar can be influenced... do consider putting this in the next update :) thanks a lot!
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