Two questions this time!

When adding a battle group management menu, to add or remove members from the battle group, is it possible to make it so the first combatant cannot be switched out? He is the main protagonist, so it would be a bit odd.

Also, can I check whether ORK has a menu open from script? I tried:
if (ORKFramework.MenuHandler.IsMenuOpen(1))

But it tells me I need to reference an object to access this non-static member. I'm not well-versed enough with scripting to know what this means, or how I fix it.
  • Use the Lock Battle Member node for that, e.g. right after joining your main combatant to the group.

    The menu handler instance is accessed via ORK.Menu - e.g. to check if any menu is open:
    Or to check if a specific menu (via the menu screen's ID/index):
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