So I just purchased ORK a few days ago and have been running through the Game Tutorial to get a feel for it (and seriously being blown away by the framework so far; especially coming from RPGAIO) and have run into a snag on step 23 here:

Under the "Battle Start Event" when I add the "Play Sound" event, when I select the "Object" as Waypoint, the associated Waypoint select box is empty. I don't recall ever adding any Waypoints during this tutorial and it's probably something I missed but I've stepped back through the guide but I still can't seem to find where I went wrong.

Has anyone run into this before? Or does this seem familiar to someone and know what the issue is?

Thanks for any help!
  • Welcome to ORK, happy to have you :)

    Make sure you're clicking on New Battle Start Event to create a new battle start event when opening the event editor. You're probably working on a regular game event instead (which is the default when opening the event editor), which requires you to add waypoints in the Event Settings node - the other special event types (e.g. battle event, battle start/end events) have specific waypoints available without adding them.
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  • Thank you! I'm not sure how I kept doing that, but I was indeed making regular game events instead of the Battle Start Event.

    Appreciate you messaging back so quickly!
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