I raise this because its at least the 3rd time it has happened to me, where my animations data gets broken/corrupted.

It is really hard to pinpoint when it happened, though I have to assume it was when I was adding a new animation set to the data.

For context, at some point in the last few days I added a new animation set to the ORK ui. I had added the new animation and then moved it up to item <4> in the list (so the 5th entry).

This afternoon I had a few issues with pushing some files to git, and in debugging that, I noticed that a bunch of my animations were missing from the editor.

I do not think any other data is missing, but this is at least the 3rd time this has happened (1 other time I actually posted about it - http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/5005/issue-with-battle-scene-cameras#latest)

So I dug into the asset file, and wouldnt you know it the xml data for the animations sets was weird. It was cut off in the middle of an animation set, in particular it seemed to have cut in the middle of defining the start parameter for that particular animation. I can tell this because the name property had empty CDATA for that param, when it should have had a name of 'moving'.

Here is the (formatted) broken animation data file that I pulled from the asset file: https://s3.amazonaws.com/mrochon-public-images/broken_anims.xml.bak

I managed to rebuild the file manually from my git history and it is now loading properly, but it was a very big pain: https://s3.amazonaws.com/mrochon-public-images/correct_anims.xml.bak

The previous times I had just recreated all of my animations in the editor, but this time there were many missing and I did not want to have to do all of that again.
  • I'll do some tests with adding/moving animations in the editor - but I think the main culprit here is using git, as ORK isn't up for that.

    While simply using git to make backups of your data shouldn't cause issues, you can expect corrupted data as soon as you pull or merge something.
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  • I'm not collaborating, just using it as a backup solution. This issue happens when im not interacting with git at all.

    I'm not merging anything, I never have to rebase, or even pull for that matter. Also, the data in the asset file is all text so its pretty easy to make sense of.

    Also this problem existed before I tried to use git. As I was able to recover the lsot animation data from my previous push, then i was able to rebuild the animation data by hand.
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