Working on something that utilizes a system similar to FFV's job system. So the player can switch a combatant's class, then the combatant levels up in that class, learning extra abilities. At any time you can return to that class and it'll continue with leveling up that class on just the one combatant.

My first question is: When I change a combatant's class using the event system, is it possible to save the class level for each class on a character, or should I set up some kind of extra variables for it? Are there better ways of achieving this?

My second question is: Is it possible to check a combatant's possible equipment and optimize after a switch?
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    Yep - class levels are saved, including the class status development (in case you also reset that).

    There's no automatic equipment optimization feature, but you could probably just do that via the event system ... I think? Using selected data to get equipment from the combatant's inventory ...
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  • Alright, awesome! I'll see if I can figure out equipment optimization and let you know what I come up with. :)
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