Is there a way to scale a UI element based on something like a Float, Stat or formula value? I'd like to be able to adjust the size of an image, something like a translucent colored circle appearing as a radius surrounding a combatant to display things like their potential movement and attack ranges. I'd also like to know whether particle effects can be scaled based on such numbers, like those which might be linked to an ability or effect and can fluctuate based on Stats and random numbers generated by a formula.
  • No, but you're probably able to do things like that with the event system or custom scripts. I can give you more details depending on the use case :)
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  • A case use would be placing a partially transparent HUD around player combatants at the start of their turn to display a radius for how far they could move. It would need to scale based on the value of a stat or usable ability. Another would be the same kind of circular HUD used display the area of effect for an ability prior to being used. So, if I wanted to move a combatant into melee with an enemy combatant, I could first view the distance they were able to move before the default move event ended their turn, and if I decided they were too far away or that my combatant is lazy, then maybe I could select to throw something at them instead, something explodey perhaps, but gather a better picture of the sort of carnage my attack would unleash via a visual representation of its radius.
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