This is what I wanna achieve but have no idea how to do it...

I wanna make a horizontal button list at the bottom of the scene, and by clicking the button the player will get navigated to another page, or some global event will be played.

I tried using button list from regular menu screen, but some problems appear:
1. the button list is arranged vertically, and there seems to be no option to make it horizontal
like instead of---> make it--->
[ option 1 ] [ op1 ][ op2 ][ op3 ]
[ option 2 ]
[ option 3 ]
2. I can't call a global event, nor navigate to another scene from 'button list'

Any tips will help! Thanks!
  • How the choices/buttons are displayed is handled by the choice settings of the used GUI box. For vertical buttons, set up Choice Columns for them and a Horizontal column fill.

    Can you post your global event's setup?
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