Hello:) I'm working on 2 projects right now. My original one uses the list-type inventory that was in the tutorial, with a few changes. In my other project, I am planning on making a grid inventory. Couple of things I need help with:

1) How can I show the empty slots in the inventory for drag and drop?
2) What's the best way to show mmo-style tool tips when mousing over the items? (I know there's tool tip setting)
3) Can I have more than one bag? I wanted to have a small bag to start, then have bigger sized bags as drops.

  • 1) Well, ORK doesn't have inventory slots, so there are no empty slots that you can display. While you can show the inventory in a grid style by using choice columns in the GUI box settings, there are still no slots you can place items in :)

    2) Set up a Tooltip type HUD and enable showing tooltips in the menu screen. If the tooltip should be displayed at the cursor's position, set up the GUI box used by the tooltip HUD to be displayed at (and follow) the cursor.

    3) If a bigger bag replaces the smaller one, you could use the Space Limit settings (found in Inventory > Inventor< Settings) for this. If the bags are different inventories, they'd either have to be from individual combatants (or separate combatant groups) or use item boxes.
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  • Thanks GiL!! This helps a lot!
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