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Hi I am having a issue the the combatants battle position. Basically I am making a Pokemon like game so I need to make my main player(since main character is not a Pokemon xD) leave group when battle starts. I am using a battle start event for this.

However it comes with two issues.

1. I have 3 battle spots. The first "Pokemon" is on the second battle spot even though my main character has leave the battle group.

2. The "Pokemon" is floating on the air(Solved by adding Place On Ground component). I noticed that when my main character leave the battle group, my only pokemon in the battle will have a Character Controller and a Button Player Controller(disabled ) by itself. I only added my pokemon into my battle group but not active group, so I am wondering what's the difference between active group and battle group?

3. My Pokemon still shows up in the field even though I only added it in the battle group. Is there any way to hide it and make it only shows in Battle?

Any help would be appreciated :)
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    If you want a the player combatant to not participate in battle you need to remove it from the battle group, and instead of doing this for each battle, you'd do this right at the start of the game.

    I.e.: in your start event (or wherever you add the player combatant), you'll have to do the following after the Join Active Group node of the player:
    - add a Leave Battle Group node to remove the player combatant form the battle group
    - add a Hide Member node to hide the player combatant from the player (e.g. in menus)
    - proceed with your regular start event, e.g. adding other group members that will be part of the battle group

    This setup leaves you with a player in the field and a different set of combatants in battle.

    The battle spots issue is most likely a result of removing the player in the battle start event, as at that point the combatants where already assigned to their spots.

    Also, to not have the battle group spawn in the field, make sure Spawn Group is disabled (or Only In Battle is enabled) in the Player/Group Settings in Game > Game Settings.
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  • Thanks a lot :)
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