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I was recently trying to test a double ko mechanic that worked in previous ork versions, and now in the current ork version 2.23.0 it doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm using a death on minimum consumable status value.
The only change i saw in the 2.23.0 change list that changed consumable status values was this:
Status Values: Consumable
‘Animate Damage’ setting available. Playing damage animation when a ‘Consumable’ type status value is reduced by user/target changes of abilities or items is now optional. By default enabled. Please note that ‘Use Costs’ of abilities never play damage animations.

Did this change impact if two damage dealers deal damage and cause death?
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  • Hm, no, that setting doesn't influence this.

    Check out the Allow Dead User setting in your ability's settings - this was added in ORK 2.18.0.
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    Edit: I ended up not using a consumable status value death on minimum to handle death.
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