Hello. If I wanted to make a RPG/Tower defense type hybrid game, could ORK or Makinom control the player's placement of a prefab? For example, could an ability/schematic attach a building to the mouse cursor, then let a player place that building on the ground (with gameplay-dictated limitations) where that building could then spawn friendly combatants? Or can the enemy AI place enemy-spawning structures at runtime at locations that are limited by gameplay factors? I own Makinom Pro, and would likely upgrade to the new ORK version if it could handle this type of thing (I have the old version currently).
  • This should be possible in both ORK and Makinom.

    Spawning a prefab is pretty simple in both ORK and Makinom - just use a Spawn Prefab node for that, e.g. in the battle event of the ability.

    Having the prefab follow the mouse cursor is best done using an autostart event interacthion or machine on the prefab, which runs a looping event/schematic that uses a raycast node to get the position below the cursor and place the game object at that position. Since this should only be done until the player clicks to place it, you need to check for that condition first (e.g. via an object variable on the prefab).
    A second autostart event/schematic that waits for the click and sets the object variable would complete the placement.

    Enemies would also spawn prefabs in their ability's event (can also be the same event by checking if the user is the player or not). The AI's placement might be tricky and depends on what you want here - could e.g. just use predefined game objects in the scene to place stuff.
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