What I want to do is access the variable of items that are created with ORK.
I have found this method for accessing items variables:
_ItemShortcut.Variables.GetFloat("Test")The problem with this is I can't find a way to access the items created with ORK only a way to access the code created _ItemShortcut item.

I can get the items with this but can't find a way to get their variables:
  • Do you want to change variable source objects in database or copies of items on a combatant or something?
  • ORK.Items.Get will only get you the item's settings. Items in-game are individual instances of ItemShortcut classes, which hold the item's variables.

    If you want to change an item isntance's variables, you'll need to get the shortcut, e.g. from the combatant's inventory (which can be accessed via combatant.Inventory).
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