I am using the ootii camera controller. It was an easy setup with the wrapper.

Instead of real-time, I need a way to move like this:

Also I am doing it with the mission based template for ORK. I summarizing the mission battles so there is no need for input on those.

Is there a way make movement turn based in ORK, or should I contact OOTII?



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    You'd basically have to set up the movement as battle actions (like abilities) to have it be part of the battle mechanic.

    E.g. set up the movement in the different directions (and rotating if you want) as separate abilities and add them to the player like regular abilities. You can also set them to be hidden to prevent them from being listed in ability menus.
    You can use control maps to move like regular controls and either shortcut slots or a Control HUD to have an interface like in the video :)

    The battle events used by the abilities can also be used to do the actual movement.
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  • Hey, thanks for the quick reply, awesome support! I'll try this and reply here.
  • I went through creating an new ability for the player called moveForward to test it out.

    Then I made a control map and put the ability on it.

    I see how to create the battle events, and how to move a direction. I'll try that out and post some results.

    thanks again!

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