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Hi GiL,

let's say, we have 50 combatant groups with 4 combatants inside. We need to spawn one random group outside of battle, so that player can see in the HUD a list of combatants. This exact group when selected, needs to be spawned in Active Time Battle component in the next scene, so he will actually fight them.

Example screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/5SJqjBu

But, currently, I can spawn a certain group in Battle event - Combatant Settings, but can't really specify it from the previous event selection.

Is there any good way how to make in in the event, please?

Spawn Combatant node can do it outside of battle, but, how can I use this node in the next scene Battle Component?

Thanks, Machal
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  • How are you starting the battle?

    E.g. if it's started using a Start Battle node, you can add the combatants in that way and they should spawn in the next scene (if the scene is loaded by the battle start event).

    Otherwise, the battle start event could search for the combatants (e.g. Search Combatants node) before loading the battle scene and use a Join Battle node to add them to the battle.
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  • I'm using Autostart on the Battle Component, but it's no problem to switch using Start Battle node.

    So in this case, I'll have to remove the Battle Component from the scene? Because it's always asking for some predefined group or combatant there.
  • If you're using the Auto Start Battles settings of your combatant to start a battle if the player comes near an enemy, you could also start the battle by placing the player near or at the same position as the enemy and start a battle with them.

    Battle components requiring at least one combatant set up will be changed in the next update.
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    No, I don't use that style, just a simple UI to memorize enemy group, then player choses his Battle Group and the next scene has to spawn them in Active Time Battle.

    Edit: I can start Active Time Battle without Battle Component, right? I'll try some things on my own and will let you know in case of struggle. I think the above comments helped me on what I wanted to know.

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    Ok, so I need to display 4 different Combatant groups with their 4 members as Icons in a HUD, before the battle, so the player can choose, which one he will attack.

    Problem is, there are only 3 displayable groups: Player, Ally, Enemy. I can't really separate them in any way, otherwise they will be displayed all in 1 horizontal row.

    HUD displaying 'Faction' groups would totally help here.

    Sent you e-mail with a screenshot to better understand the situation. Hope we can agree on something :)

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