I've hit a small snag in my game programming, you see. I've followed adding the 'Follow Leader' Move AI component to the spawned Battle Group members, making sure to follow the tutorial, and it works pretty well for when I have a group of two, but if I have three or more members in the battle group, it all falls apart.
The issue is that the two NPC combatants are stuck way too close together, with their colliders often bumping the other one away with their model's overlapping each other, this creates a very unorganized and jarring look.

Is there a way I can space out multiple following combatants so that they can just follow the player in an orderly line?
  • Hm, I'll look into it, maybe having an option to follow the next combatant in line instead of the leader ...

    Otherwise, you can currently solve this by having different move AI's with different follow ranges to prevent them from following at the same range.
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  • Thanks once again for your patience and help!

    The problem I can foresee with the different Move AI solution though is the fact that my game has multiple characters that can be swapped in and out in various group slots.
    As far as I can tell, there's no way for you to check whether one character is in the second or third Battle Group slot, so I can't just do a branching Check as planned, so I can see no way to make that work.

    Maybe I'll just have to hold out for a potential update?
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