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I have quite a lot of questions regarding menus. I originally though about splitting them in two threads, but I decided it would create an unnecessary mess.

Battle menus, and enemy HUDs:

1)I created an empty animated ability that is activated by a a mouse click on enemy (shortcut) which calls a menu screen with available attacks. The setup works, however attack are unavailable. I tested the same menu with a self buff abilities and they are still unavailable to use.

1a) I want to show in this menu a chance to hit for each ability and it's cost.

2) I made the similar ability for a mask attacks. I want a setup when after using my shortcut ability I can rotate my character, with an attack mask showed during rotation and I can end rotation by clicking on enemy, which will execute an attack based on current mask rotation.

I have orientation selection plus calculate ability nodes setup, however it doesn't show mask during rotation and ignores mask during attack (only the enemy clicked is attacked, even if I rotate my character so the enemy is outside of mask or there are several enemies in the mask attack)

3) Status effects stacking. I want in enemy HUD to be able to see how many times the current status effect is stacked. Something like “status effect x3”

4) Is it possible to show chances in enemy HUD, when they are partially based on orientation to the enemy?

4a) When I move mouse over enemy HUD it often disappears because the cursor have left the enemy position. Is it possible to make enemy HUD stay when there is a mouse on it? I need it for a tooltip to be useful.

5) I have a select orientation after the end of turn option enabled. However, if I kill the last enemy with my last action point ending both the turn and the combat, the “orientation selection” gui box doesn't disappear after the battle.

6) I want to be able to move without Battle Menu disappearing, so I may enable always move option in battles without losing the menu.

7) In Battle Menu equipment there is no option to segregate weapons by type in the same way I can do it for abilities. How to do it?

Character Level Up menu. I created one using Menu Screens. (status value distribution, ability tree, and combat info for formulas results) :

8) I want my menu to update without having to close it and reopen it. (some values depend on others), however I don't know how to do it.

9) I want to use tooltip in status value distribution, however even if I enabled status values option in tooltip menu it doesn't work.

10) I have a problem with experience status values I use in point buy system. They tend to either disappear or multiply. I want experience points to work as any other status value, so I can have a total control over how many of them player gets and has at the given level.
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  • 1) Menu screens only allow using actions that target self or allies, e.g. an attack that only targets enemies can't be used here and enemies will not be available for target selections from menu screens.

    1a) The use cost is usually added to the choices by selecting the Info info type in the content layout, or using the % text code when using Custom layout types.
    Hit/critical chance display is only available in combatant related HUDs using the Hit Chance or Critical Chance element type to preview the chance for that combatant.

    2) Is this for grid battles, highlighting the use range of the ability? Is this for a None target range ability using cell targeting instead of targeting a combatant?
    If that's the case, you can do this in the target selection instead of the battle events - there is an option to rotate to the selected cell in the cell target settings (grid settings). For abilities targeting combatants, there are also settings to rotate to the selected target in the Battle System > Target Settings.

    3) Status Effect HUD element types have text codes for that (%sc and %sc2, see the info texts above the text area).

    4) Only if that is reflected in the chance's calculation/formula. The HUDs displaying hit/critical chances will simply present the outcome of the used formula.

    5) Will check that out.

    6) That's not possible - using Always auto grid move will simply open the grid move selection instead of the battle menu when a combatant's turn starts. Displaying the battle menu and selecting a move target is not possible at the same time.

    7) That's the same way it is in Equipment menu screens - the selection is separated by equipment part, not item type.

    8) The menu screens usually update if the combatant's values change. Can you tell me which menu parts you're using at the same time and which don't update?

    9) Might be that there are no tooltips here, will check it out.

    10) What's the setup of that exp status value - and when are they disappearing/multiplying?
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    1) Is there a workaround around this? Like making a menu that has ability calculation events attached to it? Also I tested my menu on self abilities and it still doesn't work.

    1a) I have Info type in the content layout selected, however it works only on abilities that are displayed using type display (I use status value as costs here). Other abilities use list type display and I can't see costs for them (action points cost).

    The problem is that Battle Menu doesn't display Action Points cost, but it displays status value costs.

    2)Yes. I now used None Target using cell targeting and now targeting works as it should. However, now the ability attacks only a single cell I selected (cell, not enemy on the cell), rather than all enemies within the mask.

    3) True. Stupid of me to not notice this.

    4) The problem I have is that no matter at which side the player is standing to the enemy, the formula chance result in HUD is displayed as if the player was standing in front of him. The formula works as it should in battle calculation.

    4a) Sorry for making those unnecessary, messy subparagraphs, you missed 4a question.

    5) Thank you!

    7) Is it possible to do some workaround around this, like doing menu which references other menus and then putting it in battle menu?

    8) Nothing updates. I change status values through status values distribution. Changes should affect combatant menu, which shows status values that are combined values derived from formulas.

    9) Thank You!

    10) This is the setup:
    One exp status is a curve that should gives single point every few levels. At the second level it should grant one point, it work as intended. In the next level it should grant another point, however it doesn't and it even eats the point from previous level. It should give extra point every few levels from now on, however it gives none. ( I just changed the curve for the test, and deleted point granted at level 3. Now I don't get the point from level 2 :) )

    I have other exp status value that gives points based on formula. It simply multiplies status value, (than doesn't grow by itself) by 5. For some reason it gives double points it should at level 2, and there are some bugs above level 10.
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  • 1) Currently not - also, the menu screens can only use things that are useable in Field (or Both field/battle).

    1a) Yeah, action points are currently not part of any use cost display. I'll look into it.

    2) Try using an Affect Range.

    4) Hm, hard to tell ... code-wise, the hit chance preview is calculated the same way as it would be when using the ability. The preview values aren't updated as long as the preview is displayed, though - e.g. if the position would be changed while the preview is displayed, it wouldn't reflect any change.

    4a) I'll look into it.

    5) Will be fixed in the next update.

    7) Hm, integrating it into battle menus wouldn't be possible, but you gould e.g. set it up as a Click Action of a HUD to open an inventory menu that displays only equipment and uses (i.e. equips) it.
    E.g. the mission grid battles project does something similar to switch weapons when clicking on the HUD's weapon display.

    8) Ah, yeah, the status value distribution is only showing a preview of the changes until the dialogue is accepted. I.e. to show those values in your Combatant menu part, you need to use the Preview value origin in your HUD elements.

    9) Tooltip option will be added in the next update.

    10) Try using Max Value as max value type, otherwise the value would be capped.
    As for the formula - keep in mind that the result of the formula will be added to the current value, e.g. if you currently have 2 exp and the formula does exp*2, you'll have 6 exp afterwards.
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  • 2) Used it and it worked! However the problem is that I can now target only cells in default use range. Mask only rotates and attack is calculated only when I click on target range. I had Use Range setting disabled in my ability. When I enabled it and I gave a mask, the Affect Range showed and was calculated at the tip of the Range Mask.

    4) I am talking about block chances showed in enemy HUD, not preview. I use status value which is a result of formula to show block chances. However it thinks that the player is always in the front of the enemy, no matter the real orientation is.

    8) I may be dumb, because I can't find preview value origin anywhere.

    10) Tried it, worked great for Curve exp points, however it made formula setting work significantly worse. I added set value to 0 at the start of a formula, however it doesn't change anything. The only problem with Next Value was that it gave double the number of points it should on level 2, other than that it worked fine.

    New questions(sorry, I use Ork pretty obsessively in last few weeks):

    -Can I use mouse wheel scroll in Input keys? I can't find no mouse scroll anywhere there.
    -What to do when I want the enemy AI to use ability only once? In the standard setup once it starts using the ability it uses it many times until it can't. Is there an option to make it use it only as much time as I would like (other than making the ability use some special resource).
  • 2) In such a setup the Use Range defines the cells you can select as target and the Affect Range the cells that are used around the targeted cell. For the affect range, I'd recommend to enable In User Space if the grid shape should be rotated based on the user's direction.

    4) The status value is only updated if it's recalculated (e.g. due to taking damage), so that's not really a way to get the current representation of the block chance ...
    I'm not sure if there's currently a way to show the block chance at all.

    4a) There'll be an option in the individual Combatant HUDs to also treat the HUD's GUI box as cursor over.

    8) E.g. in Status Value type elements the Value Origin setting is the 4th, right below Enable Tooltip, defaults to Current.

    10) Can you give me the details on the formula?

    New questions (I'll just give them ongoing numbers):

    11) For using the mouse scroll wheel, you need to set it up in Unity's Input Manager and use that in ORK. I also recommend enabling Is Joypad Axis for that ORK input key.
    The Unity input should use type Mouse Movement and the 3rd axis.

    12) Either have a use cost (e.g. an item or Consumable status value) to limit the use, or use Object variables on the combatants to mark actions as used.
    E.g. using variables, your battle AI would check if the combatant's variable is set, the action's battle events would set that variable. Could e.g. use a bool variable to simply mark it used, or a float to allow a number of uses.
    Another way would be to only use the action at a certain turn number (Check Turn node), e.g. 1st or 2nd turn.
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    1) The problem is that even when the Use Range is disabled, the default Use Range is still used. After disabling default Use Range, Affect Range can't be activated. User Space is enabled in Affect Range grid template. I want to only use Affect Range when targeting, so no matter where the user clicks on the mask, the attack is calculated. Now the mask is calculated only when I click in Use Range range.

    It also turns out I need User Range to be the same as Effect Range for Attack of Opportunities to work. :(

    4a) Thank you very much!

    8) Ah, I searched for preview, not value origin, so that's why I haven't found it :) However it still doesn't work. The value change is taken into account by menu only after closing and reopening it.

    10) It adds user current Status Value called Intelligence (it doesn't change on level up, for our purpose this value always stays the same) then multiply it by 5. And that's the whole formula.

    The doubling at level two is present even if I change the Intelligence value.

    12) Alright, I communicated badly. I wanted combatant to use the ability only once during his turn, not in the whole encounter. Example: I am creating enemy which runs towards player, attacks him once, then runs away.

    AI won't execute next step (running away) after using ability, it uses ability until the combatant uses up all his Action Points. I can't use Turn Bonuses to change variables. I can use consumables, however I am going to create many different AI, so I prefer to not create new status for each. I can also use Reuse Setting, however I need to create a fake ability for that.

    In other words I am asking if there is a way to force AI to execute an ability node only once and then execute next node? To make it work as other nodes work.
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    1) If you don't want an ability to not have a use range, you just need to enable Own use Range and use the None range type.
    However, since you're using battle grids, I'd recommend using a grid shape with an All shape type instead of not using a range, especially when targeting cells instead of combatants.

    1a) Action cost texts for the use costs will be in the next update :)

    8) Hm, that's strange ... preview is working fine on my end. The values will only change after accepting the menu, so only content that displays preview values will change while the menu is open.
    Could you post your settings for the menu (both distribution part and whatever isn't updating)?

    10) Found the issue, will be fixed in the next update.

    12) Well, it's still done the same way, you'd just want to reset whatever condition you're using (use cost or variables) either before or after the combatant's turn. You can do that with the turn start/end events (default set up in Battle System > Battle Settings, can be overridden for each combatant individually).
    The best option is probably to use object variables as a use requirement in the ability and have the ability's battle event set that variable. The turn start or end event will remove the variable and you're all good for the next turn :)
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    1) When I have None Range I can't use the ability. There is no cell I can click on to execute ability.

    Using All type shape I can now use the mask everywhere on the map. However my mask is a melee weapon and it should only target cells around the player.

    It also don't solve Attack of Opportunity problem.


    New Info: I made a passive ability that increases one of the the status values that influences formula shown in combatant menu. After moving cursor over the ability, the combatant menu started previewing wrong numbers. After purchasing the ability the combatant menu was updated again and it showed correct numbers. However when I changed the ability to give bonus to status value that is used in distribution, no changes where made, even after closing and opening the menu.

    1a) That's lovely! :)
    10) Thank you!
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  • 1) Well, in that case you have to set up a use range that reflects that - for abilities targeting cells, the use range defines the cells that can be targeted.
    For an ability that should be useable on cells around the user, set up a use range that includes those cells.

    8) Hm, maybe it'd be best if you can send me your ORK project file to - makes it easier to just test it with your complete setup instead of me trying to recreate that.
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  • 1) Maybe I have a bug? Because when I do a setup like that The Affect Range doesn't overlap with Use Range. The Affect Range start is rendered on cells in Use Range.
    2) I sent you project file.
  • 1) Well, that's not a bug - that's how it's supposed to be :)
    The affect range will be added atop the use range, so you'll also see affect range cells within the use range.
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  • So currently there is no way to make Use Range =Affect Range?
  • What's your use case?
    A None target range that should use affect range as use range would just be a Group target range with a use range.
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  • I want to be able to rotate and target cells around the player when using the ability, so the group target is out of question :(
  • In that case, use the None target range with a use range for the cells that can be targeted. You can handle finding the targets in the battle event of the ability:
    - use a Store Grid Cells node to store combatants on cells (e.g. based on a range template) into found objects
    - use a Change Action Targets node to use the stored combatants as the targets for the action
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